Nigerian Designer, Osagiele Eromosele, launches  Lunkara to honor Nigerian culture

Osagiele Eromosele is a veteran in the fashion world. As an analyst for corporations, including The Gap and Toys R Us, Eromosele combined his knowledge and passion for the world of fashion and Nigerian heritage to launch and create his own brand, Lunkara. Founder in May of 2020, he used current trends to make his dream business come true. Lunkara, a noun, translates into nothing will break your spirit, and you will find yourself, a new identity, new energy, and unity.

“I want to build a brand that provides people with products that will change their lifestyle,” Eromosele shares on his company’s page. “To wear Lunkara means nothing will break your spirit. You will find yourself, a new identity, new energy, and unity with my brand,” he writes passionately.

His collection includes custom t-shirts, facemasks, eyewear, and accessories. The fashion and organization’s goal is to establish hope for the customer through their lifestyle brand and provide resilience. Embracing the brand’s Nigerian roots, every Lunkara t-shirts includes an African proverb on each shirt’s back. The mantras for each shirt are a custom-design for each client.

Photo courtesy: Lunkara

Although his designs are insightful and special, the brand’s mission is even more impactful. As part of Lunkara’s first collection, the brand’s mission is to support and raise awareness for the American Descendants of Slavery. The ADOS movement is a lineage-focused political movement that advocates for the descendants of the enslaved Africans in the United States during the colonial period and onward. Lunkara’s Nigerian foundation demonstrates the camaraderie among people and how it assists in restoring both faith and passion in their customers ‘ daily lives.

Celebrities including Vh1 Mama Jones, child star River Mason, “The Bad Girls Club” Flo Kaja, Persuasion of Vh1 “Black Ink Crew,” TV personalities The VonBoozier Twins, actress Rylee Gabrielle from Universal pictures “The Photograph,” and more are just some of the people who support and wear the Lunkara brand. The company quote further demonstrates this motto and goal, “I will forge a path leading Lunkara to success.”

Photo Courtesy: Lunkara

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Nigerian Designer, Osagiele Eromosele, launches  Lunkara to honor Nigerian culture