On the Scene: Model Barbara Mascia Breaking Into The Industry

On the Scene: Model Barbara Mascia Breaking Into The Industry

Model Barbara Mascia is making her way into the modeling industry. A fresh-faced beauty, she is launching her fragrance to the public. Taking a closer look at this stunning wonder to get to know her passion, purpose, and projects, The young and ambitious Barbara has plans for making it in the industry.

Zoey: Who are you?


Barbara; I’m Barbara Mascia, a professional model based in New York City.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started my model career when I was 17 years old. Also, I’m a certified health coach at Nutrition School.

Zoey: How did you get your start in fashion?

Barbara: When I was 17 years old when my manager found me on the street, I always loved the fashion industry, but I never thought this would be my actual job.

Zoey: What is the best part of your job?

Barbara: To play a different character every time and to have a whole new team in every photo shoot. I love to meet new people.

I love the makeup and hair and all the clothes that you wear. I’m such a Barbie! Hahaha

Zoey: What do you do in your free time?

Barbara: I like to catch up with my health coaching clients. I go for long walks in the park. I enjoy cooking healthy recipes and, of course, being on FaceTime with my mom and my friends.

Zoey: How is your everyday routine?

Barbara: I love routines. I always wake up at 7 am and have breakfast (for me is the best part of the day).

Then, I work out with my trainer Charly. Moving my body helps me to connect with myself. I love being with nature, my yoga practice, and journaling but the most important thing. I adore my family and my friends are my earth cables.

Zoey: Where do you get inspiration from day to day?

Barbara: Living in New York is my daily inspiration. I love all the people around me. I feel they are very talented and have amazing souls. Nothing can inspire me more than that.

Zoey: Top 3 artists/designers/creatives that shaped your persona?

Barbara: This is a hard one because I always work with amazing people. But if I have to choose.

Number 1, my mom, she’s a warrior. She teaches me how to be patient and consistent. She believes in the law of attraction. If you want something or be someone, if you work hard and believe in yourself, you will achieve your goals. And she always supports me and my decisions. So for me, that’s very important. And of course, she is my mom.

The second person is Sarah Lenoir, a photographer from Paris. Her energy is magnetic. She teaches me that if you believe in yourself no matter what, you will succeed.

And the 3rd one is my friend Severine. She’s a model from Germany, and she taught me discipline. I love being around her. She makes me listen to these speeches about self-love and motivation. And she gave me her journal as a gift.

Zoey: What do you prefer more, editorials, photoshoots, or Runway?

Barbara: I prefer photoshoots more. To be more specific I love beauty shoots!

Zoey: How to handle insecurity in the fashion industry?


Barbara: Imagine. I started to work at a very young age so I was always waiting for the approval. Also, being around pretty girls all the time, you feel a competitive mood. But one day, I stopped doubting about myself and if you are confident and powerful, that’s what you are going to vibe with

Zoey: Who is the model that is your biggest inspiration?

Barbara: My biggest model inspiration is Naomi Campbell. I love that she’s still working, no matter her age. She will always be an icon.

Zoey: What is the most frustrating part of your job?

Barbara: The most frustrating part. Is that people think you are perfect. And that’s not fair. We are models, I know our job is our image but we are humans too and we have feelings. When I was younger, I had problems with my skin and people made me feel I had horrible skin when it was just a few pimples. And you never know what’s behind that issue. if you are having a bad moment. your skin will show that.

Zoey: Tell us about any upcoming projects you are launching.

Barbara: Omg. I love this because I’m working on something exciting and important to me.

Soon I’m launching my first body mist, DEMASÍA, my new project is about making women feel empowered. To start with. I make 2 fragrances, one for the day and one for the night. The goal was to get away from the traditional aromas of “fresh and fruity” that represent the body splash. DEMASIA is sophisticated and exquisite.

Zoey: What made you want to get into fragrance?

Barbara: I’m obsessed with fragrances since I was young. Fragrances bring joy, memories, relaxation, or a sense of escape, it boosts self-esteem, it allows us to show our personality. That’s important for me, make people feel good!

ETERNAL(for the day) it’s a timeless aroma, with a mixture of citrus and sweetness which invites the woman to be prepared for a new begging or a new story.

INFINITY (for the night) it’s for the strong and bold woman, who feels free to live everything to the extreme. His ardent sensuality of orange blossom and the audacity of jasmine will make it shine.

My dream was to have a company because I love to work but also to inspire others, especially women, that you can do anything that they propose. To inspire young girls to be present and to always want to “go beyond”.

Catch Barbara Mascia on her Instagram @barbimascia and the fragrance line at www.demasiaoffcial.com.  Barbara Mascia is next up, so watch out for her!

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