Nordstrom Now Sells Vintage Clothing

Nordstrom Now Sells Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing seems to have made its way back into mainstream fashion. It is a sure way to find unique clothing that can’t be replicated. An easy solution to this is vintage clothing. Nordstrom is one of the biggest department stores and has decided to partner with Goodfair to create an online shop.

Goodfair’s mission is to “reverse consumerism and the negative effects it has on the planet.”  The company rescues clothes that were supposed to end up in landfills and refurbishes them for you. Then, you can buy vintage clothes in various types of bundles.

Goodfair was added to the Nordstrom store on January 28th, 2021 making Nordstrom the first department store to ever create its own category of vintage clothing. Nordstrom has also expanded their Sustainable Style category which launched back in 2019.

Nordstroms Sustainable Style store states, “You’ve told us that you want consciously manufactured products that align with your values. We want those things too, and we’re committed to making responsible fashion easier to find, shop and support.” Their products are made from “sustainably sourced material, responsibly manufactured, gives back, responsibly packaged, and have sustainably sourced ingredients.”

Fast fashion is something that in recent years has been under scrutiny. Fast fashion has been know to be bad for the environment adding excess amounts of waste.

Nordstrom sells their pieces from $40-$80 depending on the pieces. A press release states, “Customers can expect truly vintage pieces (made before 2000), including one-of-a-kind tees, brand-name jackets, old school sweatshirts and more, dropping monthly.”

Some popular trendy items they have include; 90s vintage clothing, 80s vintage clothing, and 40s clothing. Their store has unique vintage fashion to satisfy both men and women.

Nordstrom might be the first department store to sell vintage clothes but it won’t be the last.

By: Sophie Riback

All Photos Via Goodfair

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