New York Men’s Day A/W 17

New York Men’s Day A/W 17

New York Men’s Day Autumn/ Winter 2017


Men’s Fashion Week was extraordinary to say the least. New York Men’s Day kicked off New York Men’s Fashion Week. New York Men’s Day was held at Dune Studios 55 Water Street New York, NY. Dune Studios was set up like a live art gallery. If you are an art enthusiast like me, you would appreciate the models in a gallery set up versus, a live runway.  Most of the collections were  making a political statement in reaction to President Trump’s executive orders.

The Designers featured:

  • David Naman Studio 11
  • By Robert James Studio 10
  • WOOD HOUSE Studio 9
  • Maiden Noir Studio 5
  • R. Swaider Studio 4
  • Private Policy Sudio 2


David Naman garments were very contemporary. They gave me a bit of nostalgia. The models looked too cool for school, wearing prep school inspired jackets, coats, and pants.  There were quite a few plaids, and high necks. It reminded me of men’s style from the 70’s. They garments were very well tailored. There were pieces in Naman’s collection for anyone’s style. It is a very versatile collection geared for men with a classic taste.

IMG_7587 IMG_7585 IMG_7582

By Robert James was a collection making a big political statement in reaction to President Trump. The models were holding signs ‘I’m addicted to foreign oil’, ‘Not my Govt’, ‘#womensmarch, ‘#bestshowever’, #refugeeswelcome. The main design philosophy By Robert James, is when the world turns dark, clothing is essential to protect us from the governments elements. He said arm yourself in ‘#ByRobertJames’. The clothing was very cool, it seemed to have been inspired by military colors and style.

IMG_7606 IMG_7605   IMG_7597

WOOD HOUSE was really cool contemporary sportswear. I am so glad the designer used as much color as he did. The trends now are pulling away from dark colors more towards and bright to pastel palette. WOOD HOUSE was one of my personal favorites because he mixed active wear with ready to wear. His silhouettes were also very interesting mixing long line garments with short bombers.

IMG_7634 IMG_7629  IMG_7618

Maiden Noir has a spectacular color palette for A/W 17. I was really impressed by their use of color and silhouettes. The models truly looked like a work of art. It was definitely inspired by the late 70’s early 80’s. The shearling collars on the denim jackets were my personal favorite. They definitely bought back stripes too. The fabrics were spot on, it all came together so beautifully.

IMG_7641 IMG_7639 IMG_7637

R. Swaider reminded me of 80’s British fashion. It was a range of ready to wear sportswear. In my opinion it was inspired by 80’s punk rock and hip hop. Sort of a funky mix, but it definitely worked for R. Swaider. I loved all the fabric choices, again they had plaid, and cheetah prints. The mix of the prints and the solid whites and blacks definitely worked well.

IMG_7657   IMG_7646

Private Policy A/W 17 collection was inspired by the ‘landscape of modern globalization; by the realizing that globalization has surpassed the “neighboring” relationship and moved into a “polycephaly” based relationship; a condition of having multiple heads.” They are saying that these multiple heads represents different countries beliefs and cultures. The ideas of all these heads working together are necessary for the well being of them all. This concept was represented throughout the collection, you see denim and velvet being paired together fabrics that are not typically paired but work well. Their collection works really well for people who have a rebellious spirit. Private policy made a political statement as well by putting tattoos on the models faces stating ‘violent, sneaky, nerdy, refugee, terrorist, stuck up’. Overall the collection was one of my favorite because they made a huge statements mixing colors, trims, and fabrics. I call it genius.

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