MSCHF X Crocs Big Red Boot (Yellow) To Be Released August 9th

Paris Hilton in Big Red Boot (Yellow)

MSCHF X Crocs Big Red Boot (Yellow) To Be Released August 9th

MSCHF has seen recent success with their popular Big Red Boot. As the name suggests, these are comically large boots in a shining cherry red color. Their next project is similar, but this time they will be partnering with another famous shoe brand. MSCHF will be partnering with casual footwear brand Crocs, and they will soon be releasing Big Red Boot (Yellow). As the name suggests, this is their previous Big Red Boot product, but in a bright, cheery yellow. In addition, instead of a plain foot on the boots like the previous shoes, there is a Croc style foot that adds a little extra flair for a fun collaboration.

The Reveal of the Boots

Big Red Boots (Yellow) (Photo From MSCHF)

These yellow boots had their first big reveal at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. This reveal comes after the release of the classic red boots in February. The Big Red Boots went viral for their unique look, comically large size, and bright red color. They became a must-have style icon, even if they may not seem like the typical trend. The Big Red Boots (Yellow) seem to want to replicate this success. The upcoming yellow boots combine the modernity of MSCHF and the goofy styles of Crocs.

Celebrity Advertising for the Boots

Paris Hilton in Big Red Boot (Yellow) Photo From MSCHF
Paris Hilton in Big Red Boot (Yellow) (Photo From MSCHF)

While the one-of-a-kind style of these boots may make them stand out on their own, MSCHF has enlisted some celebrity help for their advertising. In the first photos advertising the product, the shoes are a part of actress, reality star, heiress, and fashion icon, Paris Hilton’s illuminating outfit. To complete the look, Hilton is also wearing bright yellow from head to toe in the advertisements. Along with wearing Big Red Boots (Yellow), she is wearing a long-sleeved tight catsuit with a pattern of the word “SLIVING” all across. The jumpsuit matches the boots’ color perfectly. With her blonde hair in a high ponytail, this is a truly sunny look.

When and Where Can People Buy the Big Red Boot (Yellow)?

Paris Hilton in Big Red Boot (Yellow) (Photo From MSCHF)

These quirky new boots will officially be available for purchase on August 9th. Shoppers can purchase these boots starting at 2:30 eastern at The Big Red Boots (Yellow) will cost 450 dollars on the official website. These purchases will be via a 24 hour draw, so customers have to buy as quickly as they can. Hot button items like these shoes may go quickly.

Featured Photo From MSCHF

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