Material Girl

Material Girl

      Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy once said, “fake it until you make it” when discussing the many ways to influence your mind, but I secretly believe she meant influencing your wardrobe. Every fashionista fantasizes about the day that their walk-in closet is the home to all the great designers, from classic Vivier to timeless Chanel. Unfortunately, for most of us we have to prioritize the rent over La Renta. So how does a 20 something year old, living off a ramen diet, fake it like they’ve made it?


     Taking a trip to your nearest thrift store is a great way to find hidden gems. Personally, I do this when I’m on the hunt for a more vintage, relaxed look. So, if you are too, follow me! You can find anything from grungy graphic tees, old-school mom jeans, to fun oversized sweaters to spice up any look. You may not always walk out with a whole new attire, but you’re guaranteed to spend less, and you can combine your new pieces with apparel you already own to create a fresh style.




2.Online Shopping for The Low

     In 2021, studies show that 27.6 percent of the world’s population was purchasing goods digitally. Let’s be honest, who wants to go to the mall when you can shop from the comfort of your bed while eating too many Little Debbie cakes, am I right? No? Just me, okay. Moving on, Shein has quickly become the holy grail of affordable online shopping for men and women. The fun and credit card friendly website has taken the fast fashion world by storm. Their products are not only extremely inexpensive, but they have a vast range of styles. Whether your sassy chic or cool and conservative, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need for cocktail hour with your besties, or the business meeting with your boss.

  1. Rework it

     Limited funds don’t mean limited creativity, have fun with your clothes! Reworking or upcycling garments is trending in the fashion industry right now. This means that instead of creating an outfit from scratch, designers take pieces from older clothing/swatches of fabric and redesign it to get a new look. We might not be the next Marine Serre, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hop on the trend too. A great place to start your upcycling journey is Pinterest, with over a hundred ideas you’ll be sure to find a beginner friendly way to turn that frumpy sweater into a fabulous two piece set.    

     The most important tip of all to remember though is not what you wear, but how you wear it. Yes, we love the labels, but it’s all about how you assemble the outfit that will really have people asking how you faked it till you made it.  

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