Lounging in Luxury: Tani USA

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As the days shorten and the temperature gradually drops, so does my inclination to go outside.  I’m much more willing to light a fall-scented candle, throw on a face mask, and lounge around my apartment.  But, nothing kills the “treat yourself” mood more than a pair of old, college-logo embroidered sweats.  Comfortable, yes, but isn’t there something more… sophisticated?  Thankfully, there is.

Tani USA delivers luxurious loungewear and has a mission that, much like their designs, is simple: “to create the world’s best and most comfortable undergarments that change the way you think and feel about underwear.”  Although many companies claim to be the best, not all can back up their talk. But Tani USA does, through new types of knitting and soft fabrics (thinner than silk!) garnered from various places around the world.

The first piece I tried was the SilkCut Long Sleeve Shirt in black.  When removing it from the packaging, the first thing I noticed was how soft it was.  It fit like a second skin, but unlike other skin-tight fabrics that bunch awkwardly, the SilkCut stayed incredibly smooth and perhaps more importantly, stayed where it was supposed to.  This is especially useful not only from a fashion standpoint, but from a comfort standpoint of my not being strangled by a rogue neckline in my sleep.  The cut of the top is very flattering, which I took full advantage of the next day when I was running late and didn’t have time to coordinate an outfit.  If I was going to be dragged outside in this brisk NYC weather, I was taking my luxury loungewear with me.  Not only was I incredibly comfortable all day, I also got compliments on it!  Impressive, considering I was running errands in one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Tani USA SilkCut Long Sleeve
Tani USA SilkCut Long Sleeve

As a fan of the boyshort, I was even more excited to try the Tani USA version.  Although boyshorts are one of my favorite things to relax around the house in (who doesn’t love the intersection between cute panties and cozy shorts?), I’ve had many qualms in the past that have led to these three criteria: boyshorts must not give wedgies, must not be granny-panty-esque, and must be soft.  The SilkCut Shorty Panty meets all three requirements.  Firstly, because the fabric is so thin and so unbelievably soft, it, like the shirt, did not bunch up.  It also adapted to my contours, which leads to the second criteria.  Anything but granny-like, these panties felt like they were customized for me.  And, although boyshorts are modest by nature, Tani USA managed to design the cut of the Shorty Panty to be incredibly flattering.  Lastly, and risking sounding like a broken record, these were soft.  Tani USA really knows how to make a girl feel luxurious.

Tani USA Shorty Panty
Tani USA Shorty Panty

I found myself with some rare time off this weekend, so I spent it how anyone should: pampering.  A large majority of this time spent in my — as Tani USA’s motto promised — new favorite underwear.  So after having experienced the joy that is Tani USA’s luxurious loungewear, there is just one downside — I don’t think I can go back to the regular stuff.


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