LFW 2024: SUNCUN X GFC Solo Show

LFW 2024: SUNCUN X GFC Solo Show

During London Fashion Week, Global Fashion Collective invited SUNCUN to present their solo show: The White Hada at the Protein Studios Shoreditch. SUNCUN, the leader in Chinese fashion, provides artisan tailoring and patternmaking. Also, Global Fashion Collective is an inclusive platform for designers to cultivate new diverse ideas in the fashion industry. As a result, for London Fashion Week, the Collective is using their platform to promote SUNCUN’s solo show.

SUNCUN: The White Hada Solo Show Review

Firstly, the solo show is a rendition of the luxurious Hada. The Hada is a gossamer-like scarf handwoven from silk that carries China’s artisanal and honed craft in a delicate fold. As a matter of fact, from a denotative and cultural perspective, the hada is a common practice among Tibetan people that manifest good wishes on multiple occasions, according to the China Culture website.

For instance, the child model is wearing an interpretation of the hada by having silk fabric wrapped their chest and it spirals down their body. Then, the clear and light blue flowy fabrics drapes down the runway. It is almost as if a someone from the Tibetan culture is holding the hada in their hands. Also, in the left photo above, the model’s garment resembles the Galsang flower, the city flower of Lhasa. Overall, SUNCUN used the shape of the flower as if it bloomed fully and used light pink fabric to keep the lightheartdiness of the theme.

Solo Show Review Continued

Furthermore, the theme continues with the next two models walking down the runway. The child model is wearing a silver rendition of the previous child model presented above. Basically, the draping of the garment is in place instead of a spiral. But, the neckline of the garment is a turtleneck with long clear sleeves with a hint of floral aspects to refer back to the Galsang flower motif. Concurrently, the motif of child models appearing on the runway refers back to the meaning of the hada: bestowing good wishes and purity. Overall, SUNCUN did an amazing solo show that highlights the different aspect of the hada.

Featured Image by Global Fashion Collective

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