Lazoschmidl Presents Their FW22 Collection “IT’S OVER”

Lazoschmidl Presents Their FW22 Collection “IT’S OVER”

“IT’S OVER” Shot By Alan Marty

The popular non-binary fashion brand, Lazoschmidl, established by Andreas Schmidl and Josef Lazo made a bold statement recently. The fashion brand recently presented their FW22 collection, “IT’S OVER” at Palais de Tokyo. The recent collection, rich in color and for all genders around the world changes fashion in the best way.

About The New Lazoschmidl Collection

The “IT’S OVER” collection by Lazoschmidl tells a story based on a song created during lucid dreaming. In the dream a song sung by a girl band takes place as the dreamer watches their performance on a video screen inside of a bar. “The collection is the chorus for a pre-apocalyptic hymn of positivity,” said the designers. Lazoschmidl’s collection, meant to “indicate disparity while longing for the feeling of belonging together” said Scmidl and Lazo, gives people a new look they didn’t know they needed. The collection is a message to everyone about relationships that people cherish and try to hold onto forever. 

The collection includes pieces that feature Japanese writing in bright pop colors on tight rib tops and fleeced hoodies refined with Swarovski crystals. It also includes reworked chaps, frayed hand-painted chinks, neoprene suspender bodies, chiffon shirts and more. Along with that there are also new and rich accessories apart of the “IT’S OVER” collection. Also, the accessories include patent leather tote bags and hand-knitted hanky scares. Many of the pieces include butterflies, the brand’s recurring motif of transcendence and ultimate transformation into dressed-up beauty. 

Backstage At Palais de Tokyo

Below are some of the looks presented at Palais de Tokyo. Pictured first you see one of the models in a blue set with yellow detail. Following that is a denim look with a jacket and pants. There is also a look including the neoprene suspenders with a light pink shirt that has neon pink and green details. The collection only gets better from there as seen in the above photos.

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