Laetitia Ky x Marc Jacobs

Laetitia Ky x Marc Jacobs

Laetitia Ky creates sculptures with her hair to promote Marc Jacob’s new digital campaign.

The 23-year-old Ivorian model uses thread, hair extensions, wool, and wire to create these larger than life hair sculptures. In a recent collaboration with Marc Jacobs, Laetitia Ky sculpted her hair to highlight three new bags from their collection.

Ky posted the photos on her Instagram page with the caption: “Creating those images for @marcjacobs was a pure time of joy. Inspiration will be always at its max when you love the product you promote! I am in love with all my new bags and #thetotebag is my new favorite! 😊😊😊 #marcjacobs.”

In the first image, Ky transforms her into the letters “MJ” and posses with the Jacobs snapshot bag.

Next, she constructs her hair into the shape of a dog, sitting inside the label’s signature tote bag.

The last shot was Ky’s hair literally holding the bag. She forms her hair into an arm like figure, and two loc fingers prop up the bag.

With each campaign, Ky is showing locs are high fashion.

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