Lacoste Virtual Store With A Surprise NFT Twist

Lacoste Virtual Store With A Surprise NFT Twist

Emperia, the leading virtual reality technology developer for retail and fashion, announces today the launch of Lacoste’s first-ever virtual store ahead of the holiday season. Lacoste’s aim is to showcase their creativity in such a way that is unique and bespoke for each customer, whilst strengthening the sense of community amongst loyal shoppers, during this gifting season.

Upon entering the experience, customers are immediately immersed in the brand, being taken through a crocodile’s mouth, where they find themselves in a showroom featuring 5 seasonal products, all shoppable viewed in 360°. As users continue their journey into the second room, Emperia has developed a gamification feature that
enables them to interact with more products in the Christmas range, encouraging shoppers to experience the products in a newly unique way.

A third and final unique token-gated room is nestled at the end of the store, exclusive to VIP customers in UNDW3 (Lacoste’s very own Web3 community) that are in possession
of a Lacoste NFT. Throughout December, ‘loot’ boxes will be dropped within this room for UNDW3 customers to collect, and 5 users will be selected at random daily, to win a
prize. Created in partnership, using Arianee’s token-gated technology to bring this room to life, customers will be encouraged to keep coming back for new surprises, whilst feeling a sense of exclusivity and community within the VIP room.

“Web3 engagement doesn’t start at minting. The personalization of shopping experiences, whether physical, digital or immersive, is the key to the future of web3 customer journey. We are delighted to show that our on-the-shelves token gated solutions can be implemented in an environment like Emperia.” Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee CEO and Co-founder. “Lacoste is bridging the gap between holiday shopping and gamification with this unique virtual experience. Tapping into a wide variety of demographics with the
various rooms and product ranges enables Lacoste to attract a wide-range of demographics.” says Olga Dogadkina, co-founder & CEO of Emperia. “having a presence in the metaverse during such a significant shopping season and utilizing NFTs in a practical way that creates a sense of community, will take Lacoste to the next level, allowing them to leverage e-commerce and web3 innovation like never before, positioning the brand as fashion trailblazer.”

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