Kids Supply! Kanye and Kim’s New Kids Collection Just Dropped!

Kids Supply! Kanye and Kim’s New Kids Collection Just Dropped!

Breaking or not so Breaking news Kanye and Kim have dropped their new children line, Kids Supply. Not to be confused with their Yeezy kids collaboration that had been teased via Kim’s social media account and dropped in early February. North West is getting an early start at designing, she is said to have selected colors and fabrics for some of the pieces in the Yeezy kids line but their is no evidence of their daughters’ helping hand in Kids Supply.

Via Kim’s Instagram

Kids Supply is a collection of 16 items ranging in sizes from 2-7/8. It includes chokers, slip dresses, dad hats, a black and white t-shirt, a hoodie jogger set (and yes even a bomber.) It’s the quintessential 2017 kids starter pack (for all of the hip moms and dads out there who want to spend $105 on a Calabasas thermal set they’ve got you covered.)

I think this collection is rather reasonable considering the quality silks and cotton’s used for the garments. The t-shirts are being sold for $28 dollars which seems a bit steep for the design is minimal but clearly a project that was thoughtful and consistent with the Yeezy/Kardashian aesthetic du jour. This neutral, totalitarian, desert aesthetic is worth thousands of dollars for just one piece from any of the Yeezy seasons so you can maybe see how $28 dollars looks like a bargain (maybe not.) In any case, this seems like the beginning to another Kanye and Kim venture shrouded in a phenomenal supply of kid friendly material. Here are some images of the garments from their website..









To see more from Kids Supply or do a little shopping for your tiny beloved check out this link to their website.

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