Kaia Gerber Designs Own Comfort Leggings

Kaia Gerber Designs Own Comfort Leggings

By Samantha Krevolin


Kaia Gerber, daughter of model and actress Cindy Crawford, has followed in her mother’s footsteps for as long as she can remember. With very similar looks and features, Gerber naturally became a highly sought after model at the young age of 16. Born and raised in Malibu, she started modeling for high-end brands such as Calvin Klein and Chanel. This week she has once again raised the bar in following her mom’s lead and designed a new type of leggings for Bleusalt. 


Bleusalt was founded in 2017 by photographer and designer Lyndie Benson, also one of Crawford’s friends. It is a Malibu-based sustainability brand that creates loungewear. Comfortable stylish outfits are a staple for Malibu locals, and now everywhere else in the country due to quarantine. Kaia took advantage of a time where casual wear is on the rise to create her own designed leggings with Bleusalt.

Crawford designed her own Cindy Pant in 2017 when Bleusalt was just launched. Kaia used this opportunity to design the desired Kaia Pant. She wanted a pair of casual and comfortable yet stylish. She worked with Benson to make it an item of clothing that “will take you from the beach to dinner at Nobu”. The pant looks like an average pair of leggings but has a bell-bottom to give it a more original look. They are generous in length and have a high waistband for a high waisted look, or it can be folded down for a “hip hugger”. It is made in the US and can be worn with a bralette, crop top, or baggy tee. 


The pants are being sold on Besault’s website for $130 dollars, and it comes in navy, black, heather gray, camel, and white. They are made from Besault’s sustainable ultra-soft fabric making them the perfect quarantine pair of pants. Gerber took her pants to the extra mile by giving 20% of the proceeds made to A Sense of Home, a charity that is close to Gerber’s heart and gives homeless youth a place to go when they’re in need. Buy the pant now on Besault’s website to have the most comfortable and trendy pants this fall and give back to such a great charity. 

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