Jitrois SS23

Jitrois SS23

As the global rhythm of sociality begins to beat more melodically, Jean-Claude Jitrois reflects with enthusiasm on the therapeutic powers found in the art of dressing up. In doing so he propels us towards a more idealised version of ourselves, abstract perhaps but forever real. The alter ego is an entity one crafts, a personal and sometimes liberating identity that we decide to put forth in the public sphere, but perhaps more dominantly in our intimacy. For his spring-summer 23 collection, leather couturier Jean-Claude Jitrois invites us all on a journey of discovery and creation opening the doors to a privileged relation with his audience.

The collection was developed around the concept of the Jean-Claude’ “second skin, second self” mantra, building on key references from Jitrois’ rich and extensive archive
to project modern avant-garde yet wearable inter-connected garments that unzip to showcase dynamic and daring silhouettes. Jitrois’ world-famous stretch leather lambkin gets a bold and bright renewal in the form of short cut-out embroidered gilet’s, cropped asymmetric tops, bright coloured micro-mini-skirts and exposed zipped fronted flared trousers.

Dresses and jumpsuits take note from the 70’s disco era with cinched waist detailing, plunging neck lines and thigh grazing hems. The menswear follows suit with hyper sexy black metallic micro shorts, fitted biker pants, bondage inspired sleeveless vests and multi coloured eyeleted harnesses. The house’ iconic second skin black stretch leather plays harmoniously with luminescent tones of metallic blue and black, vivid flashes of ultramarine blue,

cyclamen, sky blue, lime green and candy apple red alongside familiar tones of blood red, lemon yellow, kaki green and white. As a designer and a psychotherapist, Jean Claude Jitrois gifts us the tools to create our very own alter ego, in a safe arena constructed to express ourselves. A better self for a better world, reset yourself

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