It Girl Winter 2023 Nails

It Girl Winter 2023 Nails

Each new season brings a variety of trends into the fashion sphere. As the year progresses and the temperatures drop, a new manicure is a must. Heading to the nail salon can be a warm light on those frigid, icy days where you simply cannot leave your apartment. Reflecting the mood of the current season, winter nails tend to lean towards more muted hues. Bright, flashy neon colors are out, and cool grays are in. Goodbye summer blues, winter reds are just around the corner. 


A seamless transition from autumn to winter, a darker burgundy shade is the perfect look for your manicure this 2023 season. Red is a timeless, classic color regardless of the month, but this particular shade will stick around for a while. Resembling red wine, this color is easy to wear and will pair well with any outfit. 

Warm Brown

An interesting color on this list is coffee brown. Warm browns and tans are on trend for the winter months, but only on short to medium length nails. Long nails have officially gone out of style, and stylists everywhere are fully embracing the “Clean Girl Aesthetic” with natural nails. Brown nails exude class and sophistication— it’s a neutral tone that is grounding. 

Icy Gray

Something I didn’t predict for this list is the inclusion of icy gray nails. Seen on New York Fashion Week runways, gray-colored nails with blue undertones are set to dominate winter 2023 looks. A nice complement to any look, icy gray nails are on the rise this season. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Winter White

On a classic note, winter white is back in for the colder months. An absolute staple in the manicure world, winter white nails have made a comeback since the 2016 Alisha Marie days. Minimalistic and elegant, white nails exude a neutral vibe that suits any skin tone.

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