Our Favorite Hollywood Style Icons

Our Favorite Hollywood Style Icons

Where would we be without our favorite style inspirations? From celebrities to stylists, the people who display their outfits for us to see are crucial in a world where fashion means everything. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of great style icons. We’ve made a list of our favorites in recent years, though it was hard to pick only a few! 

First Icon? Cardi B!

First off is the Afro-Latina rapper Cardi B. Every look that Cardi B has shown us thus far has been amazing. From her recent Grammy’s look to her ever impressive Halloween costumes, she hasn’t missed yet. Cardi has shown through her career that she knows how to jump between urban and high-end fashion. There have even been some looks where she’s combined the two, like in this photo from Vogue Singapore. Has she always styled herself? We don’t think so. But what matters is how good she looks in the clothes, not whether she came up with the outfits herself. And she looks stunning each time.

Photo By Lea Columbo

Second On The Style List: Law Roach

Though he announced a recent retirement over Instagram and has seemingly confirmed it through a series of tweets, it’d be a shame if we didn’t include Law Roach in our list. He is a styling legend. Most notably seen through his muse Zendaya, Roach delivers styles that turn heads each time. He’s a magnificent stylist, and we at The Garnette Report are all sad to see him go. We are, however, looking forward to how he continues to style Zendaya– as he’s said that she is the only person who he will continue to deliver looks for. We’re sure that though his influence won’t be as prominent, he’ll still be able to stun us in the near future.

Photo by Law Roach via Instagram

Finally? Wisdm

Up next on our list is the social media star Wisdom Kaye. Known better by his social media handle Wisdm, we have never seen a bad outfit from him yet. With looks fanging anywhere from 15 to 50,000 dollars, he always creates his own clean looks from scratch– and shows us step by step how he does it. We’re in love with his style that combines various aesthetics. He’s typically seen in a more futuristic, techcore look. But, every so often, he’ll wear a timeless piece that’s sleek and modern or a more retro outfit, and every ensemble is perfect. Tens across the board for this internet sensation and model!

Photo by Wisdm via Instagram

Featured Image by Wisdm via Instagram

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