How To Achieve The Après-Ski Look

How To Achieve The Après-Ski Look

As the winter season has come into full effect, a lot of people are aiming to achieve the “Après-ski” look this chilly season.

What is “Après-ski?” It is a French term that translates to “After skiing,” a commonly used phrase that dates back to the French Alps in the 1950’s. The term is now used as a meaning of post-ski-activities, and a lot of times, a party theme! 

Why would you want to look like you were just skiing all day you may ask? Well, the look people are going for is more focused on stylish post ski outfits and winter accessories, minus the helmet hair.. 

With a mix of some classic and modern Après-ski looks, take a look below for some inspiration, whether it’s for a party, embracing the look, or just for fun!

Starting with look #1:

A modern twist on the classic vibe. An all black look and an all white look tied in together in one picture. Creating great contrast, but let’s break down each outfit! 

Starting with the all black look, you have some black ski pants, tied in with an all black long sleeve shirt for extra warm ski layers. My favorite pieces would have to be the unique pair of sunglasses with a black fuzzy winter trapper hat. The key to this look was keeping it simple while adding a couple fun pieces to tie the whole look together. 

Secondly, the all white look! You have simple black ski pants and jacket, and underneath an adorable cream/white turtleneck sweater. Paired with a gorgeous pair of white and gold trimmed sunglasses, with a matching cream/white furry headband. And lastly, the perfect patterned white crossbody bag to conveniently keep all your items near.

Look #2:

The classic one piece ski look that has officially been brought back!! After trending for quite a while now, it has grown to be my favorite look on and off the slopes! Paired with a big furry jacket or a fun hat, people will not help but stop and notice you (in the best way!)

Lastly, look #3:

A fun, yet simple and classy look. I am a huge fan of the ski overalls, they are convenient, super comfy and make you look put together! This is one of my favorite examples because it shows how you can dress it up or down. Starting with a basic ski outfit and adding accessories such as a matching headband, or anything else you can think of is the perfect way to form this themed outfit! 

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