Hottest Fashion Trends Heating Up This Summer

Hottest Fashion Trends Heating Up This Summer

From runway to everyday, fashion trends are taking a step back into the days of decades past and transforming old patterns and styles into futuristic haute couture for a fresh and futuristic look. The summer heat is turning heads in poppy colors of icy popsicles and summer skin glimmering in a brand new tan. Furthermore, bronzy & body glitter sparkle as accents among the sunny goddess empire of fashion. The latest trends are taking these prime possessions and recycling old ideas into new concepts and designs. 

Peek A Boo Bras

Firstly, your bra is showing…well duh. The taboo nature of wearing intimates in a revealing style is back. Again, this is just one of the fashion trends taking on an unknown taste and making it sassy and sexy in standing out. The trashy layered bra look dates back to when Versace premiered their fabulous Spring/Summer 2002 show, full of vivid summer fantasy dreams in sequins and neon colors. Glamor meets sexy and sassy accents of a sculpting bra layered underneath a dress giving an emphasis on the feminine look.


Versace SS 2002 photo via Antoine de Ganesh


Picture via Miaou Website

The model is wearing a Miaou original, taking the classic ruched tube top in white. Furthermore, spicing it up by adding a delicate detail of a black bra underneath poking out. In addition, the look adds an unexpected detail with the intricate lace trim along the edges for a touch of sass. Of course, the trend is easy to copy with any bra and tube style article of clothing; paired together gives a sultry and voluminous vibe.

Micro Mini Bras

Mini statement or actually, a major statement bra that is a bikini style, leaving nothing to the imagination. The edgy and sexy piece provides a show stopping ultra vibe to any event and gives a new perspective on the bra shape and style. In fact, the y2k mini everything is in full force in the latest haute couture’s visions. Flash forward to 2023, Kim Shui debuts her Spring/Summer collection full of glitter, monogram initials, and of course micro mini lingerie tops in sparkly signature K’s.


Chanel SS 1996 Image via GettyImages
Chanel SS 1996 photo via Gettyimages


Kim Shui SS 2023 Image via Daniele Oberrauch

Lost in The Land of Latex

All wrapped up in latex; the material isn’t a new concept but rather just enhanced and upgraded in eclectic colors and designs for flattering silhouettes. The glove fitting apparel is coming back with its shaping abilities. Obviously, the tight latex known for its body gripping rubber is being made into wearable fashion for not just a girls night out.



Image via Livia Marques Instagram

Livia Marques is pictured in custom made Seks with Snow White class in this sultry fitted top. Furthermore, upgraded with a revealing slit on the side counteracting the edgy buckle on the upper chest. The top is a striking get up that is fabulous and form fitting. More so, this futuristic top is perfect for a galactic princess from otherworldly places.

More Metallics Please

Shimmery hues in rich gold carats & blinding silver chrome paint the 2000s Louis Vuitton bags and bikinis. Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian are enjoying their stroll, strutting with their bestie-matching LV shiny silver and gold tote bags. Moreover, Kim Kardashian sports a racy Louis Vuitton chrome cutout body suit with the signature flower LV charm in the middle matching her y2k belly piercing.


Photo via GettyImages


Photography by Nadia Lee Cohen

Old Hollywood mixed with new Hollywood glamor. Metallics from silver, gold, and rose gold bring bikini szn a new vogue. The metallic colors pop against the pool. Models exchange their gold and silver jewelry for something even better, a sexy swimsuit that accessorizes never before. In addition, the metallic colors offer flirty and fitted pieces to emphasize every body.

Evidently, these fashion trends take after the past from luxury designers to more affordable brands, the past haute couture seems to be foreshadowing the future.

Featured image from Antoine de Ganesh

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