Global Fashion Collective: Milan Fashion Week 24

Global Fashion Collective: Milan Fashion Week 24

During the 2024 Milan Fashion Week, the Global Fashion Collective showcased the latest creations from emerging designers, embodying a commitment to inspire diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. The GFC, a platform dedicated to fostering innovation and inclusivity, aims to support designers by globally presenting their collections in major fashion capitals.

On February 24, the GFC showcased their debut runway show of 2024 Milan Fashion Week; the first segment of the event featured designers Ghaziani, CoCo Création, and Triple Root. CoCo Création presented a Fall/Winter 24 collection inspired by the multifaceted layers of human self-nurturing. Addressing issues of over consumption and environmental concerns, designer Joanie Ecuyer upcycled textile yardage to create unique pieces that promote individuality, diversity, and multiculturalism, whilst addressing the environmental issues in society. 

Ghaziani’s debut collection, “Taste of Nostalgia,” redefines elegance by blending a contemporary perspective with an artistic portrayal of the past. Through meticulously tailored suits and hand-stitched details, the collection weaves nostalgic memories into a fabric of modern sophistication, embodying timeless tradition and avant-garde spirit.

The “Tripleroot” collection, representing the ethos of Noblesse Veritas, embodies a lifestyle of nobility and privilege of either birth or mental conditioning, being experienced with dignity in a quest for truth and reality. Each creation focuses on simplicity, elegance, and a directional look, accentuating the wearer’s femininity with immaculate cut, feel, and comfort. Tripleroot’s collection seamlessly merges classic elegance with casual modernity, celebrating self-confidence and self-respect within a contemporary interpretation of an old-money aesthetic.

The 2024 Global Fashion Collective Milan Fashion Week Show not only unveiled the elegant designs of three emerging designers but also showcased these new collections on the grandest runway in the fashion world, emphasizing their incredible impact.

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