Gita Omri Brown’s Inclusive Guide To Summer Style

Gita Omri Brown’s Inclusive Guide To Summer Style

Summer is slowly creeping upon us and Gita Omri Brown has shoppers covered. Despite the promise of warm weather and fun with family and friends, the change of seasons also brings anxiety and extra focus on body image. The struggle to find the perfect shorts or the right-fitting dress can lead to a whirlwind of emotions. 

Designer Gita Omri Brown Has Shoppers Covered

Though fashion companies have much more to do in terms of inclusivity, there are designers who are making strides. Gita Omri Brown, an Israeli-American designer, recently launched her Spring / Summer 2023 collection and made her NYFW debut. Her womenswear collection prides itself on its size inclusivity which ranges from 0-30. To Brown, inclusivity was never out of the question. “Dignity has no size tag and fashion should reflect that,” she says. “Our mission is to reintroduce fashion as a tool to enhance one’s confidence and self esteem.” 

So, to all the women who feel insecure about their bodies or those that don’t know how to choose a garment best suited for their proportions, Brown has a number of tips. 

  1. Prioritize pieces that are loose in the right places versus tight, form fitting styles. 
  2. Use flow-y garments to help you control whether you want to give the illusion of more or less curves. 
  3. Instead of worrying about an accentuated waist, move your waistline a little higher and in between the true waist and an empire waist. This trick suits any figure and highlights the natural curves. 
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And for women who want to add to their wardrobe, Brown’s collection is a perfect place to shop. The designer and body positive activist sells garments designed to be flattering for all. Her collection not only includes size inclusive clothing but also features diverse models on the website. Shoppers can get a clear look at how a blouse or dress will look on a size 2 and size 10. Slowly but surely, the fashion industry is making a change, for the better.

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