Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

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Giorgio Armani has decided to move away from street wear with his 2019 Pre-Fall collection and has decided to go with tailored suits and dresses for women. This is the new era, which is getting a lot of attention  from the younger generation of designers and customers. Giorgio Armani, has held a certain aesthetic when it comes to designing clothes for the working woman. He shows off soft-tailored blazers and elongated, almost liquid pantsuits that feel of-the-moment.

This Pre-Fall collection was given an update from the original Armani classics. What you would get out of this collection was an energetic spin which would consist of  vibrant colors and reworked graphics, while shapes were kept fluid and fabrics almost weightless. When it came to the pants, the pantsuits looked fresh, their checkered textures a new take on archival prints. You could tell that there was a sense of comfortably while creating this collection. This was apparently showed in one piece with a tailored jacket in a micro-checked pattern worn with slim pants with floral jacquard. Another piece that showed this was a double-breasted houndstooth blazer cut with relaxed precision in a shimmering sequined texture. This collection was amazing and I appreciated this collection from him.



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