Burnett New York Pre-Fall 2019: The Collection

Burnett New York Pre-Fall 2019: The Collection

Burnett New York Pre-Fall 2019: The Collection

Q:  What inspired you to launch Burnett New York?

A: We wanted to create something for females that was created by females. We wanted to empower females who empower others. As well as being our own boss and helping females be themselves and feminine.  Emily felt the time was perfect. I felt that I had all of the training and a really great network. I met my business partner and we just thought it was the right moment to start a female founded brand.”


Q: What was one thing you learned from working with Dennis Basso that helped you with the collection?

A: Working with Dennis Basso was amazing, I meet so many people and  I met my co-partner and co-founder while I was working there.  “It was an amazing experience at Dennis Basso . Obviously, it’s with their training and support that I am able to go and launch my own brand.


Q: When did you(Emily) and Sterling McDavid meet?

A: We meet when Sterling came to my office for a wedding dress.


Q: Do you think working with Goldman Sachs helped the business aspect of fashion?

A: Fashion is about capital and getting investors to the table and making them believe in a good product. I was able to bring what I learned as well as how to pitch ideas to investor to help our brand off the ground with a good start.


Q: What is the next step for Burnett?

A: We are showing next season at fashion week, however we are excited for what we have done and we are not limiting our self.

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