Gigi Hadid’s Layered Outfit is Perfect for Fall

Gigi Hadid’s Layered Outfit is Perfect for Fall

America’s favorite model and It Girl, Gigi Hadid killed her colorful outfit for a Thursday afternoon full of shopping in The Big Apple. It’s getting pretty cold in New York City as the year comes to a close, so layers were an absolute must. To be honest, you never know who you’ll run into when you’re traversing the city sidewalks—one can only hope that it’s none other than Taylor Swift and her fashionable friend group. After opening up her very own cashmere clothing brand, Guest In Residence, Hadid has frequently been spotted near the SoHo storefront location. 

Unique Yet Chic

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Gift by bestie Swift herself, Gigi wore the Midnights singer’s new 1989 (Taylor’s Version) cardigan for her outing. Sporting such a vibrant blue, the model decided to pair the flamboyant sweater with basic black jeans and a classic white tee. How timeless! But the layers didn’t stop there—Hadid added a cropped, brown leather jacket and multi-colored scarf to complete the outfit. Separately, these pieces may seem totally opposite. Yet together, the garments complement each other perfectly. How does she do that?

Hadid’s Accessories

Absolutely giving off-duty model energy, Gigi Hadid paired her trendy look with chic accessories: classy round sunglasses, black loafers, and an eccentric charm necklace.

Unique jewelry is having its moment right now—fashionistas everywhere are whipping out their old charm bracelets, circa 2009, and making them cool again. I regret giving mine to the thrift store. 

The Absence of a Purse?

What makes this look distinctive is the lack of a purse. Hadid is usually spotted carrying a Prada bag, but she ditched her tried and true for a few Guest in Residence shopping bags. Smart marketing move on Hadid’s end. Funny enough, the yellow fabric handles coordinate with her outfit— figures!

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