The Beatles Return: “Now And Then”

The Beatles Return: “Now And Then”

The Beatles have made a fantastic return with their newest archival single titled “Now And Then,” bringing back the original Beatles sound. 

Released this past Thursday on November 2nd, the inspiring Beatles release features all four voices of the original band members. Even though only two out of the four band members are still alive to this day, they were able to feature all the members of the band in this release. Making it feel like the Beatles are actually back together. 

They were able to take an old John Lennon demo recording and work with it along with using AI. As we move forward with technology, maybe more artists will be able to work with different archival tracks of those who have passed. 

The single is about love and missing someone. With the smooth blues sound of The Beatles together, they convey the message in a way that connects and speaks with their audiences. 

Along with the release of the single, it seems to be a celebration of The Beatles history as a band. Reflecting on their past music, and how magical it was for all of them to once work together.

With past top hits such as:

  • Here Comes The Sun
  • Come Together
  • Yesterday
  • Let It Be

With The Beatles’ triumphant return, there is no telling what could be coming in the future. Maybe we can look forward to the potential of more music being released, bringing back the original band to a new generation.

Check out and listen to “Now And Then” below!

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