Slayway Genderless Design presents at Fashion Week Brooklyn

Slayway Genderless Design presents at Fashion Week Brooklyn

Fashion continues to change with unisex and genderless concepts gracing the runways all around the world. Brooklyn Fashion Week presented an entire show of genderless designs, each collection unique, beautiful, and even sustainable. Designers included Stevie Boi, who presented virtually from the West Coast, Sangiulio Moda, Jonathan Bodrick, Claire Fluery and a collaboration event called The Saprti Wedding.

In case I haven’t said it enough, virtual shows create multiple opportunities to bring people together when social distancing protocols are still in space. The show opened with Stevie Boi, the designer behind SBShades. While his collection could only be described as futuristic, including denim and silver jumpsuits,  vests, pants and outfit sets, the real stand-out elements of the collection were the bejeweled black, white, silver, and pink, orange sunglasses. Although viewers could tell the designs were unique and beautiful, they weren’t modeled on the runway, limiting the garments’ full view.

Following Stevie Boi included Sangiulio Moda’s “lockdown collection” made from re-purposed clothing he found in his house. Before his show, he mentioned completing a total of 72 looks, of which he could only choose 15 to show. Inspired by trench coats in his closet, the collection featured beautifully styled jackets, tuxedo styled dresses and romper sets with fringe. While the quarantined tested everyone’s patience, it helped inspire creative genius.

Each designer within the Brooklyn Fashion Week presentation created garments based on sustainability. Jonathan Bodrick’s collection inspired by “Don’t ask Don’t tell” featured army fabric patterns with previously designed vintage pieces. Bodrick, a stylist, decided to shift gears during the COVID-19 breakout, creating versatile designs of dresses, skirts, vests, even featuring fringe components. Models danced down the runway, much more exciting than the standard runway walk.

Anyone who can design a collection in a week is a serious talent, and Clair Fluery did just that. Her six jumpsuits, all created with different colors and fabrics, were designed to be something fun. Colors included yellow, red tracksuit material, pink faux fur, blue sheet material and black and white vinyl fabric. After that collection, I didn’t think anyone could top that, but The Saprti Wedding did. The “wedding guests” included other models from previous shows. It was the perfect way to end Brooklyn Fashion Week, with a party.

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