The Fur Loafer Trend for Less

The Fur Loafer Trend for Less

With 2017 underway for a few weeks now, we can already tell which fashion trends, like the fur loafer, are making their return in the new year, and which are being left behind. Emphasis on shoulders is here to stay, exaggerated sleeves and my personal favorite fur loafers!

With the trendsetting brand Gucci, setting you back about $995 a pair, it might seem hard to keep current. With real, supple leather and real kangaroo fur, these loafers are definitely worth the hefty price tag. (Buy here)

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But for those like me, who don’t quite have the extra cash to spend, or prefer faux fur/leather to the real deal, I’ve rounded up a few dupes at different price points from most to least expensive.

This pair from Jessica Buurman will cost you $143 (sign up for their newsletter for 10% off), but in my opinion are the most realistic looking dupe. I personally own a pair of these and really love them. The fur is soft, lines the entire inside and doesn’t fall out with every step. Their website has a ton of color options for both leather and velvet in this style. (Buy here)


Jeffrey Campbell has his own take on the trend with this pair for $125. The buckle has a slightly edgier feel to it, as does the fur but isn’t that part of the appeal?

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These from Steve Madden are also a good option for a middle price point. At $90 the fur on these may seem a bit more matted, but if you’re styling skills are on point will anyone notice? This pair also comes in different color options. (Buy here)

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Century 21 has their version for only $50. The lining looks cozy and the leather/buckle combo look super chic. With attention to detail on stitching and hardware this would be my personal pick for a low price version. (Buy here)

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You can always count on Zara for a cool-girl take on any major trend. Right now they have a pair on sale for $30, with smooth leather top and ultra plush faux fur lining. No buckle required here. (Buy here)

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Or maybe you’re really not sure if this trend is for you. In that case, check out Forever 21. This pair doesn’t have any fur to it, but can totally give your outfit a super chic boost and for $25 you can’t go wrong. (Buy here)

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Some may disagree on fast-fashion brands imitating designer styles, but I think that fashion is meant to inspire not be limited to only those who can afford the high-end label prices.  If you’re set on buying the real deal, there’s also Ebay where you can help pay off someone else’s buyers remorse, or just start saving your pennies. I’d rather not give up my daily Starbucks and skimp on one of these inspired pairs. Thoughts?





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