From Instagram to Ignited: Sophia Cuerquis

From Instagram to Ignited: Sophia Cuerquis

By: Caitlyn Garrity / January 15th

Sophia Cuerquis, 22, at a glance seems like the typical social media influencer. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram and around 50,000 on Youtube, Cuerquis is accumulating quite the following. However, her hustle goes beyond sponsorships and ‘Day In The Life’s. Cuerquis owns a chic and trendy clothing brand called ‘Ignited’.

Who is Sophia Cuerquis?

Cuerquis is a Filipino social media influencer who also was among the unfortunate group of students that graduated in 2020. Although having her senior year cut short at Rutgers University, Cuerquis graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in Health Administration that complemented her Associate’s degree from Atlantic Cape Community College.

While it does not appear she is actively using those degrees, she is making a living through Instagram, Youtube and her podcast with her sister, Second Thoughts Podcast. Cuerquis has been on Youtube for around four years and Instagram even longer, however, she seems to have recently become increasingly popular and has gained a larger platform.

With this increase in viewership, her business adventures seem to be taking off and are expanding into bigger territories. Second Thoughts Podcast features Cuerquis and her sister Paula, where they talk about topics such as mental health, advice and anything self-help.

Ignited Apparel: Spark Up Your Wardrobe

Ignited Apparel’s name stems from Cuerquis’ catchphrase from her old blog, “Spark of Thoughts.” This blog was a space for Cuerquis to express her inner thoughts, inspire people and give advice. She would always close out her blog post with the phrase, “Ignite your spark.” The idea of using simple yet trendy pieces to “spark” up your closet is the concept that Cuerquis’ brand is built off of. Ignited Apparel is based in Los Angeles, CA and began in 2019. The pieces are affordable and range from $20-$38.

Green tank top that slouches

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Ignited Apparel is a collection of basics and pieces that are meant to spice up clothes you already own. There are not many statement pieces and all of the items are in fashion.

The clothes feature fashion-forward elements such as lace, silk, cropped sweaters and tie tops. Cuerquis’ brand focuses on simple yet elegant pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe, all at a reasonable cost.

Cuerquis models the clothes on her Instagram and Ignited’s Instagram as well as on



Ignited Apparel, for now, is online and seems to be run solely by Cuerquis herself. As Sophia Cuerquis grows her platform and following, surely her other projects will gain popularity too.





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