Emerging Brands to Look Out For: Elif Studios and Aune Collections

Emerging Brands to Look Out For: Elif Studios and Aune Collections

With the power of social media, our accessibility to emerging brands is everlasting. Instagram and twitter have made it easier for talented designers to reach their niche audience and for customers to find the brands that best suit their needs. This is especially true for different sub-markets within the fashion industry, like slow fashion and upcycled fashion. 


We all love the idea of wearing what we like while contributing to less harm for the earth with our purchases. The emerging brands proceeding are some to keep your eye one as you transition your closet to slow fashion– in other words, as you buy great quality pieces that you will wear for years and seasons to come.

from instagram.com/elif.studios

Based in the South of France, Elif Studios is an upcycled brand, creating “a second life for forgotten clothes,” as stated in the brand’s under-construction instagram. With many of the creations made out of tights, t-shirts, and jackets, the upcycled looks have resonated with much of the public. All over the brands Instagram page, Elif studios states that it is not technically a brand that sells clothes yet, but plans to do so when the conditions of COVID-19 allow. With all of the traction that the brand has gained without selling to the public, it is definitely a brand to look out for as it expands. 


from instagram.com/aunecollections

AUNÉ Collections, the in-house brand to the Central Lisbon-based, multibrand store,  includes handmade pieces made to order. The brand labels itself as a slow fashion brand due to their method of production, selling vibrant sculpture printed sheer garments. While the brand continues to gain exposure by publications like Vogue and Garmentory, there is definitely a bright future for the future of brand creations as the founder/designer, Xenab Lone, plans to experiment with other fabrics and textures for future collections. 

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