Frederick Anderson Debuts Fall 2023 Collection

Frederick Anderson Debuts Fall 2023 Collection

Frederick Anderson’s Fall 2023 collection Renaissance was a moody and ethereal interpretation of the time period. The collection also commemorates Anderson’s 5th anniversary of his debut as a designer.

To show begins with a display of shimmery purple dresses, along with a skirt, robe, and pantsuit, presenting different takes on the same material. Crochets, which have been a staple among Anderson’s previous work, recur throughout the remainder of the collection. In this case, the crochets take the form of dresses or undergarments, or both. The minimal color palette allows for greater attention to detail, thus, aubergine, gold, black, and blue dominate the collection. 

The Renaissance references come to play with colors, drapes, and silhouettes. In an interview with, Anderson said he designed some of the clothing with reference to armor. He accomplishes this by using more boxy shapes and contours, particularly at the shoulders. Toward the end of the show, the clothing switches from gloomy and simplistic to an opulent display of gold dresses and suits. The looks contain accents of green and blue, as well as more detailed patterns. The shift may represent a transition to the baroque period, characterized by an appreciation for ornate architectural detail incorporating gilt and gold. 

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The new Frederick Anderson FUK (“Friends U Keep”) bag is available as part of the designer’s online catalog. The Italian leather bag, which comes in Brushed Silver and Mustard, is embellished with gold pleated chain straps and a gold lock to symbolize never-ending friendship. The bags are available at for $990 USD. Meanwhile, additional ready-to-wear clothing by Frederick Anderson can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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