Jump on these Four Fashion Trends 

Jump on these Four Fashion Trends 

Everyone loves good fashion trends. To wear what’s in, either something made by a famous designer or something that’s just a guaranteed comfortable look, can make someone feel stylish and in the moment. With that in mind, here are four of our favorite fashion trends that we think you should invest in!

Tennis Dresses & Skirts

This is the year of prep fashion’s resurgence, as seen in one of our favorite shows of Paris Fashion Week. One of the best ways we think you can emulate prep fashion is by buying a tennis skirt or dress for the warmer months ahead. Tennis skirts are cute, fun, and easy to style. With the right accessories, you can turn a tennis skirt and plain t-shirt into an outfit that effortlessly emulates street style. Not to mention, they’re cheap! This skirt from Amazon goes for only 22 dollars—and from the four star reviews, seems mighty comfortable for the price. Name brand skirts (from Lululemon, for example) are a bit more expensive, but any tennis skirt is a fashion essential.

Hobo Bags

Hobo bags—or oversized bags—are a trend that’s slowly making a resurgence. We at the Garnette Report couldn’t be happier at the news! Hobo bags are large, chic, and can hold almost everything you need. Some, like this Melie Bianco Brigitte Satchel, have interesting designs that can snag attention from miles away. But whatever kind of hobo bag you wear, know that you’re ahead of the trend as long as you’ve got one on. (We’re proud to say that we were wearing hobo bags before they were cool.)


Though spring forward has cursed us with one less hour of sleep, it’s also granted us one thing: the sun! Shield your eyes and accentuate your ‘fit with dynamic sunglasses. With a wide array of styles to choose from, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to amplify outfits and give you a cool look. What pairs would we suggest? Well, these Dior sunglasses with Swarovski crystals are a dream—but for smaller budgets, these Free People sunglasses featured below will do just fine. Regardless of the brand, a good pair of sunglasses can work wonders for your ensemble.

Patterned Outfits

We all love ourselves a good patterned outfit, don’t we? Opportunities to wear more vibrant, outstanding outfits are on the horizon as the year draws closer into spring and summer. In our opinion, the best way to get ahead of the trend is to start buying patterned outfits. They can make a statement at the work place, turn boring brunches into fun events, and can accentuate natural features depending on the pattern you wear. The stripe, for example, is a timeless pattern that never goes out of a summer style. If more obvious patterns aren’t your thing, wearing alternating & complimentary colors in your outfit can work just fine. 

Featured Image from Freepeople.com

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