(Di)vision AW23 Show “Dressed for Disaster”

(Di)vision AW23 Show “Dressed for Disaster”

Copenhagen-based fashion brand (DI)vision held a formal dinner-turned-fashion show for their Autumn Winter 2023 collection. Guests sat among tables of empty plates, crumpled napkins, and cigarette butts. Meanwhile, a live band played jazz instrumentals of grungey 90s hits — Numb by Linkin Park, Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Avril Lavigne’s timeless Sk8r Boy. The collection, “Dressed for Disaster,” is made from recycled materials and features a collab with the sneaker brand ASICS.

Y2K Inspirations

Tracksuits, low-rise pants with exposed g-string, vests, leg warmers, mini skirts; this collection boasts early 2000s era references, whose trends have surely made a resurgence in recent years. Opening the show, was a model in a leather racer jacket with splashes of yellow, a beanie to match, and knit leg warmers pooling over rainbow pastel ASICS shoes. This look is an immediate display of Y2K fashion.

Models dress in streetwear looks made from deadstock materials, particularly with zip-up hoodies, fleece pullovers, as well as track pants. A number of these designs also have a red heart logo or the brand’s lettering slapped across the front.

A Grand Finale

Finally, model Sarah Dahl closed the show with an after-dinner surprise. Dahl sat at a banquet table disguised as an audience member as she slyly proposed a toast. She tapped her glass and gracefully stood, heading for the catwalk. Sweeping all the grimy plates and glasses of the table, the train of her skirt is cleverly camouflaged as a tablecloth. Simultaneously, audience members watched in awe and recorded as the model strutted in a dusty pink off-the-shoulder corset-style top, a matching skirt that fades into white at the train, coupled with a chain belt at the waist.

ASICS Collab

“Create from what already is” serves as the motto for the brand, which consequently might explain why sibling designers Nanna and Simon Wick upcycled 20 pairs of ASICS sneakers. The brand revamped the shoes using dyes, pins, and laces swapped with upcycled material, thus contributing to a chunkier look.

Featured image obtained from hypebeast.com

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