Fashion Inclusion: Diverse in all areas

In this generation we have become more open to what inclusion means within the fashion industry and the industry itself. As of today we are holding more brands accountable to be more inclusive and diverse with all cultural backgrounds, genders, race, or ethnicity.

Their is gratitude to brands that have always been inclusive to those of color, but we have had a numerous amount of brands that have missed their mark such as:

  • Prada was accused of blackface when they released their black Otto character that was used on bags, necklaces, phone cases, etc


  • Burberry had models wear a hoodie with a noose around their neck for the London 2019 Fashion Week with a lack of cultural sensitivity to history and suicide.


  • Dot who as of today has been trending on Youtube from you-tubers controversial experiences on sponsored trips, black inclusion and black girls being the companies black token for promotional purposes of their brand to make it seem diverse, however they have recently stated “we are committed to driving change in our community that we together, want to see”. Some consumers have decided to completely close it others have gave room for improvement, while speaking their truth deemed good or bad.

Silence is never deemed as approval. Active communication is pivotal to all audiences to help others understand that what these brands fail to change or understand will be their downfall if it persists instead of taking accountability and cultural awareness to racial predicaments. Even if that means hiring those of colors to brands to help those that aren’t aware.

It is also up to us as African Americans not to continue purchasing items from brands whether expensive in inexpensive that will not make room for change. To care about how to see ourselves within our own community and who we are as individuals, than caring about labels. We cannot change a persons view, but we can make sure that as a community we speak on realization regarding these discussions.

Accountability and change requires all entrepreneurial executive black business owners a seat at the table when it involves all forms of creativity within the industry itself.


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Fashion Inclusion: Diverse in all areas