EGONlab SS21 collection and Sergio Tacchini collaboration PFW

This season, the collection invites us to discover a utopian story by following the arrival on Earth of a group of free-thinkers, freed from all prejudice and privilege. Coming straight from another galaxy to (re)build a fair and balanced society, respectful of differences; their mission is to spread love, while taking care of the planet.

The duo of creators, Florentin Glemarec and Kevin Nompeix, drew their inspiration from the prophetic and contemplative documentary Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio, produced in 1982. The film plays with space and time scales, multiplying the viewing and reading angles, leaving everyone the choice of their interpretation, like an artistic meta language. An apology for some, a pamphlet for others – it questions our relationship to technology. Versatile, without subtitles, free of any judgment, it is also the spirit of this genderless collection. «No matter who you are, you can wear whatever you want», this is essentially the message the brand stands for.

The story of a new world is read in filigree in the fifty pieces on offer, twenty of which come from an exclusive collaboration with the sports brand Sergio Tacchini, founded in the 60s by the famous tennis player. EGONlab’s signature, tailoring, and sharp and assertive lines, merged with the sport-wear codes of the Italian brand. Graphic and childlike prints – a chick and a cat who are hitting the ball with their rackets – are based on sweatshirts and tank tops, as a nod to the flagship brand of the 90s; Madeleine de Proust from teens of the time.


Punctuated in three stages, like the chapters of a book, the collection opens with a series of monochrome white looks which underlines the tapered line of the silhouettes, relieved of any hint of colour, as if free of any prejudice or stereotype. Then the double-breasted jackets, Bermuda shorts, deconstructed corsets, tank- tops, harness-style, are coloured red, a symbol of rediscovered passion and shared love. Finally, trenches, teddys and strapped jackets pass in navy blue, reflecting the purity of the oceans. All wool and cotton are organic, the nylon is recycled, as are the zips and buttons. Eco-responsibility is a value on which EGONlab, created in May 2019, does not compromise. On the production side, a pre-order system is put in place to rationalize stocks and avoid waste.

Aesthetically, we find the brand’s DNA in these quilted shirts with embossed patch pockets, covered with strapped breastplates, like protective cocoons (of ourselves). Right down to the boots, that mix workwear lacing and a sportswear sole. As usual, an important place is given to prints, such as this bluish motif – a reinterpretation of the Garden of Eden, or this reconstructed and revisited world map, available in shades of red.

At EGONlab, fashion is seen as a tool of empowerment, and clothing is seen as a vector of emancipation but also a carrier of ideals, in the idea of a better world.



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EGONlab SS21 collection and Sergio Tacchini collaboration PFW