Dress Like Jackie From That 70’s Show

Dress Like Jackie From That 70’s Show

A lot of 70’s trends are making their comeback, and Jackie Burkhart is the reigning queen for best 70’s outfits. Find out how to dress like Jackie from that 70’s show with these outfit inspirations and clothing essentials.

Neck Scarves

First, Silk scarves and neckerchiefs were a staple item for Jackie in the show. In so many episodes she ties a scarf around her neck, often color-coordinating it with her outfit of the day. Basically, this trend is a super cute way to bring in more accessories and spice up your style. You can wear them in replacement of a necklace or coordinate the scarf to go with your jewelry! So, here are some iconic scarves she wore throughout the seasons.

Jean Outfits

Jean was big in the 70’s and Jackie wore the most iconic outfits of them all. From her patterned, flared, and funky jeans to her cute jean tops and vests, she always rocked the outfit. Jeans are a great basic to invest in because they go with literally everything. Her best jean articles were definitely her jean mid-length skirts and jean vests. Check out these outfits for some inspiration of different ways to style your jean clothing!

Patterned Jackets

Next, Jackie’s patterned jackets brought out her big personality, making her never go unnoticed. Her jackets were all bold, stylish, and unique, showing her creative and elaborate style. Patterned jackets are definitely a great item to have if you want to dress like Jackie because they can make any plain outfit become so much more colorful and fun.

Striped Tops

Finally, I would say the most popular fashion trend that Jackie styled herself in would be striped tops. In more than half of the episodes she is wearing stripes, all of varying colors and styles. From sweaters, to tanks, to t-shirts, to button downs, Jackie has got them all in stripes. Basically, if you want to dress like Jackie, or even just a more 70’s style, striped tops are definitely the move.

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