Dr. Martens And JJJJound Team Up To Launch A New Shoe Collection

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The Dark Brown Crazy Horse Leather Design 

Courtesy of Dr. Martens And JJJJound Collection

By: Bertha Solis

The British-based shoe brand, Dr. Martens has teamed up with the Canadian design studio, JJJJound to launch a new shoe collection. This unexpected collaboration is set to be based on the founder of JJJJound, Justin Saunder’s vision. The founder wanted to create the idea of two distinct aesthetics. This concept is seen to be carried throughout the entire shoe collection.

The Canadian design studio used Dr. Martens’ shoe style, Archie II, and created their very own spin to the classic shoe. JJJJound created two special designs in two different colors. First, there’s the dark brown Crazy Horse leather design. Then, there’s the black Wyoming leather design.


Courtesy of Dr. Martens x JJJJound Collection (Black Wyoming Leather design)

Among these two shoes, JJJJound wanted to create a contrast between the “contemporary creative” and “traditional creative.” The shoes in this collection contain very clean detailing. Both of these shoes were handcrafted in England at the Dr. Martens’ Wollaston factory. At the bottom part of the shoe, there is perfectly aligned yellow stitching. This stitching is known to be Dr. Martens’ very special shoe signature.

Each of these shoes went through a rigorous process to reach its final look. They were developed by a group of shoe-making students who are learning the art of traditional shoe-making. Dr. Martens’ has been using the same developmental plan for over six decades ago and continues using it to this day.


The Crazy Horse design has been manufactured and finalized in Dr. Marten’s factory located in Wollaston. (Courtesy of Dr. Martens/JJJJound)


Courtesy of Dr. Martens x JJJJound Collection (Black Wyoming Leather design)
Courtesy of Dr. Martens x JJJJound Collection (Brown Crazy Horse design)

The designs may look similar but they aren’t in reality. The Wyoming-style shoe has a smoke V18 outsole while the Crazy Horse one has a trans V18 outsole. Customers also have the chance to switch out the laces the shoes come with. The Dr. Martens x JJJJound collection provides secondary brown and yellow Tetoron laces.

Other special details found on these shoes are a set of blind eyelets and a dual-branded sock liner. To lock in the final shoe look, Dr. Martens and JJJJound included an imprinted logo of both brands. The shoe reads “Dr. Martens Airwair with Bouncing Soles” and the “JJJJound” company name. Also, it includes a “Made in England” text to symbolize where it was manufactured.


The Dr. Martens x JJJJound collection’s imprinted shoe tag (Courtesy of Dr. Martens/JJJJound)

Dr. Martens is known to be a company that represents the street fashion world with its carefully manufactured shoes. While JJJJound takes the idea of designs, expression, and creativity seriously. With Saunder’s vision and Dr. Martens’ handcrafted, special design, it created the ultimate shoe collaboration.

Dr. Martens x JJJJound SS21 Shoe Collection will be available at the price of $250 (USD). It will be set to debut this Saturday, July 31st in select stores and via the Dr. Martens official website (drmartens.com).


Dr. Martens x JJJJound SS21 Collection Official Poster (Black Wyoming Leather Design)


Dr. Martens x JJJJound SS21 Collection Official Poster (Dark Brown Crazy Horse Leather Design)

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Dr. Martens And JJJJound Team Up To Launch A New Shoe Collection