Dior Men Fall 2023

Dior Men Fall 2023

Dior men

Dior Men in Egypt

Dior showcases Pre-Fall 2023 men’s collection in Cairo, Egypt. Especially for this season, Kim Jones, the Artistic Director of Dior men invited the guests to the new Grand Egyptian Museum. And the show was open to the public in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Set in the spectacular venue, models walked along the snaking LED-lit runway on a starry night. So, on the whole, it was all about a beautiful celestial journey in the desert.

Dior men

Stars ranged over past, present, and future

 “My interest in ancient egypt is about the stars and the sky. It’s that fascination with the ancient world and the parallels with what we look at today; what we inherited from them and what we are still learning from the past.”

Kim Jones, Artistic Director, Dior Men

Guided by the stars 

Also, he added “It links to christian dior in that sense and by way of his fascination with symbols and superstitions that recur throughout his life and work, one of which is the star. In both the collection and the show there is an idea of ‘guided by the stars’ and what that can entail in many ways. It’s about how the past shapes the future or an idea of the future from the past.”

In other words, he is saying that the star was and is part of Dior lore as a guiding force for the brand. Hence, the collection was the continuum of past, present, and future at Dior. Jones continued the brand’s history by celebrating the 75th anniversary, while he defined new looks of the Fren house. 

An easeful, pragmatic elegance

The collection focuses on pattern cutting and flowy silhouettes. The silhouettes portray a new look metamorphosing the feminine to the masculine in tailoring. Meanwhile, Kim Jones combined couture finishings and technical practicalities. Archival embroideries take on a notion of futuristic armory while leather goods reinterpret luxury into a new, organic utility. Overall, Jones beautifully presented contemporary and innovative designs in menswear.  

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