DET BLEV SENT Releases Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

DET BLEV SENT Releases Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

DET BLEV SENT released its new Fall/Winter 2023 collection on Feb.20. The rebellious brand expresses denial toward the status quo through its clothing. A mix of high-fashion and streetwear fabrics, cuts, and silhouettes bridge the gap between the two.

The first look is a puffy leather jacket, styled with a thick layer of fur underneath and paired with black bell bottoms. Other leather looks include a straight-cut jacket embellished with chains and zips, and a baggy denim pant that pools at the hem with a slit across the knee. Then, there’s the leather windbreaker, paired with a long black coat and Sasquatch-esque pants. This look and many others throughout the collection also feature a detachable hood to capture both formal and informal attitudes.

Unconventional Fabrics

The brand combines unlike fabrics throughout the collection, emphasizing a destruction of contemporary culture. Mohair, a type of wool produced by Angora goats, and nylon are combined to create a puffer jacket ornamented with fur, incorporating human and natural fibres. Denim and Italian baby mohair are also combined in the making of a loose fitted jean with a fur lining that covers the front.

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According to the press release, the collection takes inspiration from the raw struggles of ’90s youth. The designs reinforce an aversion to stereotypes relating to race and economics. Rather, the brand aims to represent all classes and cultures through its work. The collection also references the ’90s crime film La Haine, which highlights the “long-festering social and economic division” of its era. One of the looks in the collection rematerializes a vintage jacket worn by actor Vincent Cassel in the film.

DET BLEV SENT also has several ready-to-wear pieces available on its site currently. These include vegan leather jackets, Wool Cargo Pants, and oversized denim pants, as seen in the collection. F/W23 and more can be located at

Feature image courtesy of DET BLEV SENT.

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