NYFW: Richie Rich Returns With New Brand RICHERETTE

NYFW: Richie Rich Returns With New Brand RICHERETTE

Photographer: Geremy Dubensky, Via Richerette

The illustrious NYC Club Kid Richie Rich has made a triumphant return to fashion. On February 11, 2023 the fashion brand RICHERETTE debuted their new collection titled “FUN” at BKLYN Studios City Point.

Richie was an icon in the NYC underground club culture throughout the late 80’s and 90’s. He and his crew were known for their outspoken personalities and even more outrageous fashion choices.

Since then, Richie has taken his eye for style and plied it across industries like fashion and cosmetics.

The Looks

This collection consists of both fall and winter looks. The styles took inspiration from the likes of Stevie Nicks and the groovy bohemian rock n’ roll styles from the 70s and 80s.

Despite some significant updates, these looks pay a direct and obvious homage to the Club Kid aesthetic.

Photographer: Geremy Dubensky, Via Richerette

In fact, the collection incorporated fun bold colors like neon pink, blue, and green. While the patterns and textures vary from zig-zagging pseudo-spray paint to heavily overlayed full prints.

Nevertheless, these fun elements paired with black accents give these looks an edge of roughness.

The effortless looks are statements of amusing personalities, with bold eyes make-up and lip colors. The eccentric make-up and accessories breathe life into the looks.

Sidewalks in NYC are a part of the culture, as they serve as every New Yorker’s very own catwalk. This idea is actually one of the major inspirations for this collection.

Photographer: Geremy Dubensky, Via Richerette

In addition, each RICHERETTE style is uniquely paired with a pair of Sketchers. Sketchers provided footwear from their Hands Free slip in as well as Sketcher Street lines for the debut. Also featured in the debut were the Tres-Air Uno trainers from Sketchers.

Photographer: Geremy Dubensky, Via Richerette

Moreover, The RICHERETTE fashion brand is all about pop-culture and fun. Unquestionably, it celebrates the sidewalk culture of New York City.

These looks inspire a desire to go out and flaunt what you’ve got, even if it’s only walking to the train. Richie Rich wants everyone to “Feel the BOOM!”


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