A Day in the Life of an Eco-Beauty Queen

A Day in the Life of an Eco-Beauty Queen

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a beauty queen? How about a beauty queen on a mission to save the planet? We got an insider’s view into a day in the life of Lindsey Coffey – model, activist, and current titleholder of Miss Earth 2020 – the beauty pageant with a purpose. She shared with us her schedule from start to finish and the craziness in between.


7:00am – I like to start the morning with self-care routine including some light yoga. I also use this time to myself to listen to music and recite my goals for the day.


7:30am – A glass of celery juice followed by a healthy breakfast to get me through the day.


9:00am – After breakfast, I have a call to check in with my team at Miss Earth. The pageant itself is just one part of the organization. We do so much else and there’s always new projects and initiatives to discuss.


10:15am – I run out for a model casting followed by a fitting. Gotta pay the bills!

1:00pm – Back home to enjoy a pre-prepped lunch. I love a warm plant-based bowl and avo-toast. I’m also obsessed with smoothies these days.


2:00pm –  After lunch it’s work, work, work. Today I’m preparing notes for an upcoming speaking engagement about solutions to the water crisis and for some upcoming interviews. I’m also reviewing notes on future Eco-Ed topics and brainstorming potential projects.


4:45pm – It’s a nice day so I’m heading out to the park for a quick workout with my trainer and some time in nature. And I always end with 10 mins of meditation to clear my head. Some days I do volunteer work like walking dogs for the Humane Society or getting together with my group for a litter clean up. Both are great ways to help my community and also to spend time outdoors.

5:45pm – I get in a quick catch-up call with a friend.


6:00pm – I end the workday with a Zoom meeting with my agent to review upcoming projects and to get a status report. It’s hard to keep up with my schedule and I’m so grateful to have the support of a team.


7:30pm – Packing for an early flight out the next day for a photoshoot. I guess this is still work ha!


8:00pm – I usually cook but it’s been a long today so I’m treating myself to some take-out from a new vegan spot I’d been wanting to try.


As I wait for my order, I’m gonna wind down the day with a candle lit steamed shower and watch some psychology hacks on YouTube’s TopThink. They have episodes about increasing productivity, building confidence, and simple life changing hacks.


9:00pm – Watch just ONE episode of the new Halston documentary. I always try and find new documentaries to watch. Mostly ones on the environment but I also love biopics and historical ones.


10:30pm – I’m a list person so before bed I write a list of what I want to accomplish for the next day. Then off to bed for some much-needed rest…

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