Daniela Uribe Announces Launch of NFT Collection

Daniela Uribe Announces Launch of NFT Collection

Daniela Uribe,is pleased to announce the launch of a new exclusive and limited-edition NFT collection of top-rated styles in never before seen colorways. The NFT collection offers its customers an extraordinary and immersive experience inside Daniela Uribe’s luxurious world.

Within the past year, the footwear brand has expanded its reach by selling at its first brick-and-mortar, independent retailer Flying Solo, celebrating its debut at New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week, and now NFTs. Specializing in size and gender-inclusive styles, Daniela Uribe’s collection stems from years of curated artistry involving the eclectic rhythm of embracing individuality while celebrating unison. Its newest venture into the metaverse is no different; creating a collection of art that brings forth an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. 

“The end goal is to create a digital experience as well as the physical one and eventually create our metaverse world, community, and presence. Our NFTs are the first step towards merging our world and community in physical and digital where eventually we will build our digital store and digital events just like in the physical world” said founder, Daniela Uribe.

The NFT collection not only combines shoes and art but is truly unique due to its focus on the massive utility benefits to its owner and will open doors to unique new experiences only NFT holders will have access too. For 0.03 ETH, the utility exclusive package will include but is not limited to, one-of-a-kind NFT digital art, exclusive 35% off discount on NFT owner pair of shoes, a first look and pre-orders to new design drops, access to exclusive launches, promos, and secret sales, as well as access to a private Discord coming soon where users engage in different activities such as NFT holders sales, and more. Benefits also include a 30 minute one-on-one session with the brand’s founder Daniela Uribe to learn how she started the brand and more. The NFTs are a golden ticket also providing entry to Daniela Uribe’s yearly red carpet events and entry to all VIP and exclusive Daniela Uribe fashion events around the world. With a very limited amount of NFTs available, customers will be able to purchase the art through a MetaMask wallet and OpenSea. 

MetaMask is a free crypto wallet software that can be connected to virtually any Ethereum-based platform. Accessible through browsers, android and iOS compatible devices, user are able to convert their currency to ETH to purchase Daniela Uribe’s NFT collection.

Daniela Uribe has been working behind the scenes to kickstart its contribution to the NFT landscape by partnering with the software development company, Threedium tohelp successfully migrate the brand by strategically building a collection with incredible value. 

With Daniela Uribe’s first venture into the metaverse, the company plans to continue to test and learn in this space. There will be future drops expanding on collections, further pushing the boundaries of creativity. Daniela Uribe aims to keep building a powerful, elite, inclusive and innovative community that you want to be part of. A community that will elevate you to reach your best self and make you feel unstoppable.

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