Is Labor Day Really The End For White Jeans?

Is Labor Day Really The End For White Jeans?

Why No White Jeans Past Labor Day?

As we head into the start of fall, is Labor Day really the end for white jeans?. I’ve always blindly followed the trend of packing away my white pants and leaving out only my dark coloured clothes. As I put away my favourite pair of jeans I questioned why? Part of the reason is because darker colors keep us warmer compared to white since they absorb more heat from the sun. Personally, I don’t think that is reason enough to say goodbye to some of my favorite clothes.

The History Of Wearing White

You may follow this “rule” or love to wear your white jeans year-round, but where did this fashion trend even come from? The history goes back all the way to the 19th century and doesn’t really have much to do with seasonal trends, but instead has a quite classist history. The trend began because of people of high socioeconomic status who could afford to get out of urban areas for warmer vacations during the fall and winter. They started the tradition of wearing white as a way to symbolize the status and privilege to travel. This trend caused a symbolic gap between classes to represent those who carried high wealth from those who did not. Although this history is not commonly known, this out of date “rule” still lingers in our society today.

Bring Your White Jeans Into Your Fall Style!

With such a wide variety of fashion styles and trends, there is no reason for white jeans to be left out of the equation and your wardrobe this fall. Instead, let them be part of your creative outfits and match them with your favorite sweater, flannel, or fall jacket! If you are someone who loves and feels confident in their white jeans, wear them whenever, and wherever you want no matter the day! Labor Day does not need to be the end for white jeans season.

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