Custo Barcelona Makes A Comeback With FW22

Custo Barcelona Makes A Comeback With FW22

Last week Custo Barcelona had an opportunity to cast their light on the rest of the world after being on pause for the sudden interruption with the pandemic. They’re here to reclaim their agency and shock the world with their geometric patterns and multifaceted usage of fabrics to generate a luxurious look for street wear.

History Behind Brand 

Custo Barcelona launched in the 1980s, created by Custo Dalmau and his brother Davi. Given that both brothers have expertise in graphic design they began small by using t-shirts as their foundational drawing board. From this point, the two brothers saw no reason why they shouldn’t launch Custo Barcelona. 

Before they knew it, the brand began expanding rather quickly because of their signature looks such as missing pieces of fabric, patterns, and the bright colors incorporated. 

The brand is popular internationally as well as domestically.

What Brand Offered To Runway?

Dresses played a crucial role in this collection along with other conceptual pieces. Cutouts blended with micro mini shorts and skirts, glossy jacquards and vibrant satins create a high spirited and satisfactory taste for the audience. 

Other pieces that weren’t as extravagant but still made a statement. The micro jumpsuits and long oversized sweatshirts styled as dresses killed the runway as well!

Gorgeous outerwear pieces such as glitter maxi coats and quilted micro jackets delivered this high-quality streetwear aesthetic also. 

Custo Barcelona’s remarkable understanding of vibrant hues and exotic prints of royal blue, emerald green, red, and pink blended with touches of neutral tones stood out on the runway last week in New York. 

Custo Barcelona is making a name for themselves in the industry, there is nothing they can’t do!

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