Confessions of The Wakefield Denim Genius

Confessions of The Wakefield Denim Genius

Tianna Osbourne is a wonderful example of dope female creatives in their own element as she works her way up in the industry as a phenomenal denim addict.

The culture of denim has always defined her brand, “By Tianna Osbourne.”

About The Denim Fanatic 

Tianna Osbourne is an upcoming creative from the most slept-on part of the Bronx known as Wakefield, NY. She aspires to create her unique language through versatile fabrics and recycled collectibles to redefine means of style. 

Her devotion for fashion began in middle school but it wasn’t until she was about 14 or 15 that she began to take it seriously. It all began when she wanted a birthday outfit but didn’t want to look basic. From this point on her journey of making clothes from exotic recycled pieces and fabrics began. 

She got into fashion because the thought of there being no rules excited her. “No one can tell you what or what not to wear. It’s a great way to express yourself, ” Tianna said.

Although at first the thought of having a business never crossed her mind, she didn’t see a reason why she couldn’t, given how talented she was. 

Why Does She Do It? 

“The industry can improve by being more ethical, creating items that don’t hurt the environment and focus more on creativity rather than money” Tianna stated. 

Tianna’s enthusiasm for being a designer comes from the philosophy of creating your voice. In a world based solely on capitalism as opposed to authenticity, often it’s easy to praise repetitive mass-produced clothing.

Tianna added, “Some brands use past sales and clothing that used to be popular as an indication for what they think they should sell but times are changing.”

Tianna continues to utilize the thought of people wearing similar outfits as a way to tap more into her creative element. “I love denim- denim jeans, denim jackets, denim everything,” she said. She’s hardly put it down since.

Tianna is here to offer the world fresh, raw, and captivating talent! 

She offers motivating words to other aspiring designers,

“Stay persistent, work towards your goals every day. Make sure you fuel your passion for fashion, if you want to make clothes, make sure you’re being creative about it. Lastly, don’t see others as competitions, we all want the same thing so lend a helping hand to others” she said. 

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