Compte Spain Releases AW23/24 Collection “Trauma”

Compte Spain Releases AW23/24 Collection “Trauma”

Luxury brand Compte Spain releases the new Autumn/Winter 23-24 collection for 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. The collection titled “Trauma” features a melange of elegant yet edgy garments with red and black serving as the dominant color palette. 

The Collection

The dark-toned velvet fabrics add to the moodiness of the collection. These include a long black gown with a slit at the leg, as well as black body suits and arm warmers, along with sequined cocktail dresses and mini skirts. A stand out is a velvet midnight blue shawl with the embellishment of giant pearls that almost resemble lightbulbs. Similar embellishments also trail along the bodice of a dark blue spaghetti strap dress. 

A selection of knits compliments the velvet fabrics. A see-through halter dress and strapless bodycon are both paired with gold jewelry and accessories by the brand Jane Bardot. Meanwhile, a soft pink mini dress with a square neckline and with red bow ties along the hem balances out the collection by adding a delicate touch.

The brand’s Instagram page states that the theme of “Trauma” relates to the climax of nightmares. The collection dives into one’s darkest terrors and traumas, as well as feared characters from childhood horror stories. “There is no happy ending to the story” the brand writes, “the traumas belong to us…”

About Compte Spain 

The root of the brand’s essential focus lies in narrative. The word “compte” translates to the concept of storytelling. The brand particularly takes an interest in viewing these stories through the lens of a child. It refers to a child’s mindset as the most creative, and “free from prejudice and barriers.” The brand’s founder Santi Mozas studied fashion design at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. Later, the self-taught designer would go on to continue his creative endeavors by launching Compte Spain in 2021. 

The brand also proudly holds a strong dedication to sustainability. All Compte Spain garments are locally made and constructed 100% by hand. As believers in “slow fashion,” the brand releases new pieces on a “drop-by-drop” basis with exclusive designs to avoid overproduction.

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