Celebrating Earth Day: Tomorrow’s Laundry

Celebrating Earth Day: Tomorrow’s Laundry

In celebration of Earth Day, you can shop luxury men’s essentials at Tomorrow’s Laundry. The entire website will be 10% off and you get the brand’s reusable water bottle for free with your order using code EARTHDAY2021.

In addition, 25% of all proceeds will be donated to Water.org, an organization that helps millions around the world get access to clean water and sanitation by empowering them with smart solutions.

The brand has dedicated itself to understand the challenges in the world. They aligned their practices with solutions that are ethical and sustainable. This includes minimal-waste packaging and the use of recyclable materials.

Working with water.org helps millions of people around the world access clean water.  Around 785 million people across the globe do not have safe water. Water.org will provide safe and solutions to help access safe and clean water.

“At Tomorrow’s Laundry, our easy-care wardrobe essentials are designed to help you save money and time while simplifying your laundry. With honest wholesale pricing and pre-shrunk essentials delivered to your doorstep, you can dress assured that your basic wardrobe needs are well covered.”


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