Buying and Selling on ThredUP

Buying and Selling on ThredUP

Looking to clean out your summer closet and fill it with sweaters? Start buying and selling on ThredUP! ThredUP is a super easy to use online consignment company. Founded in 2009, the company offers secondhand shopping and selling that is high-quality and simple. Their goal is to make fashion more sustainable, limit clothing from being thrown out, and extend the life of clothing. 

Clean Out

If you are looking to clean out your closet, ThredUP makes it super easy and free! Basically, you create an account, click if you want a consignment or donation kit, print the free shipping label, box up your clothes and bring them to the post office. Then, ThredUP does everything else for you! If you are using a donation kit, They will sort and donate your clothes for you. If you get a consignment kit, they will sort, price, and sell your clothes for you! After a couple weeks you can see what has sold under your account and use the credit you have made to either shop on their website or cash out.

Once your clothes has made it to the company, they inspect and photograph all the clothes. Pricing is dependent on brand, demand, and quality of clothes. The website shows what the selling price and your payout for different brands and articles of clothing will be. The website also offers a guide sheet for what types and quality of clothes are accepted.


If you are looking to buy, go under their shop tab and explore all the clothes! You can search based on brand, color, size, category, price, condition, material and more! What is great about this website is that they photograph and inspect all of the clothes people ship, so you know what to expect and what you are getting when you order online.

Finally, my favorite part of the website is you get see your eco impact once you start shopping and selling! Based on what you buy and sell, you can see how much CO2e, energy, and water you have saved. Start shopping on ThredUP for more affordable clothes and make a positive difference on the environment!

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