Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Revolution 2017

Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Revolution 2017

The Bridal Revolution is here!

The wedding season is here! Bridal Fashion Week was fun and exciting. The Isabelle Armstrong  Bridal 2017 collection was revolutionary. In 2013, Remy Quinones entrepreneur and Bridal guru, started Isabelle Armstrong. Remy once said “No matter how gorgeous a dress is, if it doesn’t fit right, it’s not going to be the one.” – RQ. If the fit is off or if the bride does not feel good in the dress then it is not the one. The 2017 collection by Remy was revolutionary, she was fearless and bold making innovative shapes and textures.

The goal as a bridal atelier is to make dresses that brides want to say ‘Yes’ too. I believe Remy had given many of her dresses that special say ‘yes’ magic. The collection featured very classical shapes and silhouettes. There was one dress in particular I wanted as my own it was the strapless white latex gown. A lot of people loved that dress you could hear people in awe as it came down the runway. It was so different than what typical wedding dresses looked like which was fun and different.

The collection’s color palette consisted of white, off-white, light blue, and gold. The dresses each could speak for themselves they were very bold. The gowns had extraordinary textures, beading and embellishments. The beaded and embroidered dresses reminded me of the classic Christian Dior gowns. Many of Remy’s dresses had featured this beautiful ruffle layering technique. It was layers of tulle at different lengths and it mimicked ruffles, which I thought was a great idea.

Congratulations Isabelle Armstrong for producing yet another stunning and remarkable Bridal collection for 2017. Please check them out on social media and online.

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Special thank you to Shareis Sydnie,  our photographer for this event.

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