Ines Di Santo Spring 2022 Goddess Collection

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This season Ines Di Santo quickly found inspiration for her brides. Ines views the women she dresses as modern-day goddesses in their own right. To tribute their feminine energy, she has created The Goddess Collection. Comprising five distinctly imagined Goddesses, this collection embodies the traits teh designer values most.

There are five distinct goddesses in the collection: Grace & Femininity, Nature & Abundance, Knowledge & Wisdom, Strength & Courage, Love & Passion.

The Goddess of Grace and Femininity possesses a delightful charm and goodwill that shines on all those in her presence. Her classic beauty, inside and out, imparts a soft and unsuspecting manner with a strong and enduring spirit. Confident in her evolution, she is aptly represented by the butterfly freed from its chrysalis, floating through the air without a care in the world.

The Goddess of Nature and Abundance is an innate nurturer who, possessing all of the earthly magics. Her gratitude for the abundance of her blessings inspires her to share the beauty of the world with all those around her. She believes in the potential of the smallest seedling and knows the coyest smile has the ability to spark a steadfast love.

The Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom is well studied and compassionate. She possesses the knowledge of a true leader as she looks to history to navigate the future. She may be more conservative than the other goddesses but she is strong, confident, never one to shy away.

The Goddess of Strength and Courage is a sly yet earnest huntress, fiercely confident in the pursuit of love and all matters of the heart. She is corseted in an intricate armor of her own creation with shimmering threads weaving together the vast experience of her life’s adventures.

The Goddess of Love and Passion is wild-hearted, raw, and without abandon. While she’s a playful free spirit, her values are deeply rooted in loyalty for those she loves. You’ll find vulnerability and openness are her most revered qualities.


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Ines Di Santo Spring 2022 Goddess Collection