Brands with the Best Holiday Pajamas

Brands with the Best Holiday Pajamas

Since the spooky season has ended, it is now time to start prepping for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays with brands with the best holiday pajamas! So, check out Lazy One, J. Crew, and Olivia Von Halle for the highest-quality and most fashionable pajamas.

Lazy One

First, Lazy one is a great website to shop on if you and your family are looking for the cutest matching sets. The brand even has a section dedicated to pajamas for specific holidays, including Christmas, Hanukkah, and Valentine’s Day. These pajamas sets are great for family holiday day cards and spending time together with indoor activities. On days with blizzards and lots of snowfall, these pajamas are a great and cozy addition to any baking activities, movie nights, board game hangouts, and story time moments.

J. Crew

Second, J. Crew is known for their most classic, casual, and timeless winter pajamas. The brand always has so many to choose from and design them to create maximum comfort. The plaid-patterned sets are the most classic and great for the winter season. Their soft and drapey section is my personal favourite, and their Eco dreamiest pajamas sets are a must-have. They are the softest and most stretchy pajamas out there, making sleep snug and restful. What is even better is that the material is 30% re-imagined fabric,. This is big progress in J. Crew’s plans to reach 100% sustainably sourced key fibres by 2025.

Olivia Von Halle

Finally, if you are looking for some high-end pajamas to stay cozy and stylish this winter, check out Olivia Von Halle’s collections. This sleep apparel is expensive, but durable, incredibly in-fashion, timeless, and elegant. Basically, these pajamas are best for snowy days of staying indoors and sitting by the fire with a book. The brand is known for its satin silk and cotton-silk sets that make falling asleep the most comfortable experience. The pajama sets will keep you warm, but are light and airy, creating a perfect combination for the best rest possible.

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