Chanel Cruise 2023 Miami

Chanel Cruise 2023 Miami

Chanel headed to Miami for a special second cruise collection 2023. The Miami show is a replica of the first Cruise 2023 in Monaco. The first show, on the other hand, took place in May, in Monte‑Carlo. Set in Florida, Chanel unveiled the extravaganza once again.

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Miami and Monaco

The spectacular scenes bring together the refined ambiance of both Miami and Monaco. While Monte-Carlo Beach depicts Monegasque red at the first show, the red two-tone parasols mirror the settings in the Miami show.

Meanwhile, Chanel Cruise 2023 collection took inspiration from the Formula 1 racing circuit. Interestingly, the racing culture connects those two different places. Monaco hosted a Formula 1 motor racing event last May whereas Miami is renowned as a new racing destination because of the Grand Prix circuit.


Chanel reinterpreted a driver’s jumpsuit in elegant, romantic accents. Obviously, a series of jumpsuits indeed stand out in the collection. Due to their various materials as well as intense color palette, Chanel created new feminine looks. With elegant silks, sequins, and tweed checkerboard patterns, the collection exudes effortless French style.

Female Elegance

The collection features classic tweed sets that underline the aesthetics of the brand. Chanel’s signature tweed styles embody the strong essence of female elegance. They are timeless and glamorous. However, the tweed outfits appeared in a wide range of variations in color and design.

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Witty Accessories

Cute accessories with witty designs give a cheerful mood to feminine styles. Some of the bags resemble beach balls, and tennis racquets enhanced by colorful chain straps. While a cap recalls a sporty atmosphere, a series of handbags and backpacks provide Chanel’s cosmopolitan beach look.

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In addition, the costume jewelry collection features necklaces accented by Chanel’s signature chain detail. The mini pendant of the necklace embodies a tiny Chanel bag.

Altogether, the accessories teams with sequin looks and outfits with flower-shaped embroidered plastron. They make the look playful yet elegant.

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